About TDAC

Aesthetic dermatology is a combination of skin physiology, skin pathology, clinical diagnosis, skin therapeutics and skin surgery. It is a marriage of science and aesthetics. Doctors can easily diagnose the status of skin and its problems due to the intensive and strict training programs for specialized dermatologists. By combining the most advanced therapeutic technique with precise aesthetic concept it allows dermatologists to enhance the health of skin and its beauty.

A dermatologist can achieve his/her best skin care medical practice by combining the progress of medical technology along with more precise diagnostic methods, innovative biological medical device and invention of advanced therapeutic equipment. However, Taiwanese Dermatological Association, the largest and prestigious aesthetic medical society in Taiwan, has the obligation to provide the physicians other than dermatologists to pursuit the knowledge of the aesthetic medicine in order to enhance the quality of care to a higher level. Not only do we hope to elevate the health of skin and the aesthetic standard of our people but we also hope to correct the chaos of other non-specialized doctors who are taking charge of most of the aesthetic medicine in Taiwan.

Therefore, conducting a Taiwan Dermatology Aesthetic Conference (TDAC) will allow physicians who are interested in this new medical field further learning and discussion. This symposium will provide the best international experts with interactions, live demonstrations and varies choices of clinical aesthetic dermatology learning courses. It is our goal to enhance the standard of our national aesthetic dermatology as well as to contribute to the continuation and the growth of medical education and to become an exchange corner of clinical researches and expert experiences.

TDAC Logo Design Concept

Line: stands for those distinguished dermatologists from Taiwan

Red Dot: Taiwanese Dermatology Aesthetic Conference

Vision: Science / Art / Contribute to the progress of Aesthetic Dermatology in Taiwan

Vision is positioned ourselves as the market leader for aesthetic dermatology and cosmetic procedures. It's characterized as a simple and humble solution to maintaining good health; hopes to bring joy and improve lifestyle.

LOGO Designer

Prof Wang I-Hsuan Cindy

School of Art, Design and Media, College of Humanities, Arts, & Social Sciences, Nanyang Technological University, Singapore

Prof Cindy Wang is currently in the School of Art, Design and Media; she joined as an Assistant Professor of Visual Communication in 2007. Cindy holds a BFA from the School of Visual Art and a MA in New York University (NYU), Dept. of Graphic Communication Management & Technology.

Cindy's research focuses on use various principles and elements of graphic design, and combining with modern printing techniques to enhance visual communications. One of the key findings of her research was how to use illusions to further stimulate the visual expression of an artwork. The research revolves around the utilization of illusions and modern printing technologies to create new, innovative and unique illustration of visual presentation.

On the other hand, Cindy also research on type forms that combines elements of Asia and Western typography is innovative from as Asian perspective and meaningful as bridge between East and West. This fusion typography is gathering tremendous interest across the globe and her work in this area establishes her as a pioneer in this exciting new area of design research. She has been successful in securing research grants to support her work.

Cindy's reputation is more and more well known on both international and national level. She has been prolific in publishing five books on her research themes, won numerous international awards and with numerous of exhibitions locally and internationally. All these awards are only honored to highly talented designer from Hong Kong, New York, and Germany. This explains that Cindy's creativity, talents, and ability are recognized throughout the continents of Asia, North America, and Europe.

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