Advanced Program Book (Download)


Session Categories

Session Type

Plenary Lectures (PL):
deliver the latest scientific research and advances in dermatology by some of the field's best and brighest minds.

Symposia (SY):
Sessions comprised of individual presentations focused on a specific subject.

Workshop (WS):
Interactive sessions emphasize clinical care and technical skills, including live demonstrations of injection dermatology. Open to dermatologists and registered physicians and surgeons only.

Focus Session (FC)::
Sessions with an emphasis on discussion and participant interaction.

Forum (FR):
Sessions with emphasis on discussion and participant interaction.

Luncheon Sessions (LC):
Sessions comprised of either an individual presentation focused on a specific subject or an emphasis on discussion during lunch time. Advanced registration is required for admission and lunch boxes will be provided.

Training Course (TC):
Intensive sessions offering in-depth coverage of a single subject. The Organizing Committe is proudly offering the Office Staff Training Course.


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