About Kaohsiung (overview of the city)
Facing Taiwan Strait on the west and Bashi Channel on the south, Kaohsiung is a beautiful and modern metropolis located in southern Taiwan as well as the second largest city of this island.
Looking down from an airplane, one will see the abundant landscapes of Kaohsiung: the lush Chai Mountain and Banping Mountain, the clear and serene Lotus Pond, and Love River flowing across the city. This subtropical city boasts its brilliant sunshine and gentle breeze from the passionate sea.
Kaohsiung has recently been named among Asia's "hottest emerging travel stops." by the leading hotel booking site  The city was praised for its easy access to countryside and pleasant weather throughout the year, making Kaohsiung great for browsing museums, shopping at night markets or exploring on bike. Meanwhile, the city serves as a great hub to visit Kenting, home to a national park and Taiwan's most inviting beaches.
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The city locates at the south of Taiwan and easy to reach by flights, high speed rail and highway.


Kaohsiung International Airport
Kaohsiung Airport is next to the city center with excellent metro and taxi connections.
Airlines fly to over 11 Asian destinations, including Hong Kong, Tokyo, Bangkok and Singapore and 20 major cities in China, and over 70 northbound trains of high speed rail per day connect Kaohsiung with Taipei from where connections radiate worldwide.


High Speed Rail
The Kaohsiung and Taipei route is the most important train service between cities in Taiwan, taking just less than 2 hours from one city center to the heart of the other. You may also visit other cities between Taipei and Kaohsiung to discover the real Taiwan.


Passport and Visa requirement more information
To enter Taiwan, a passport valid for at least six months is required by all nationals.


For person who holds China passport, please click here.








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